Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review - NYC City Duet Eyeshadow (Island Sunset)

Put on your shades, guys, because these eyeshadow duets? ARE BRIGHT. I don't know how the pink and purple up there are showing up on your monitors, but on mine they are nowhere NEAR as bright and vivid as they are in person. For a budget-ish drugstore brand like NYC, these pigments are surprisingly bold and deep. The line comes in several other wowie-zowie color combinations with punny New York-y names (Upper Zest Side being my favorite, I think, both color-wise and name-wise).

I wore the fuchsia on my top lid and used the purple as more of a liner for the debut of these shadows. These are definitely cool colors, not for ladies with a lot of olive undertones. They stayed put admirably, though I only wore them out for the evening, not all day and into the night...I could see them just starting to rub off when I got home. The nice thing about them being so heavily pigmented was that it was easy to adjust the intensity of the color to suit my needs. Cheap, and available at your local drugstore? What's not to love?

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