Monday, September 27, 2010

Review - Mehron LIP Color Cream in Bubble Gum

The intensely rich colors of L.I.P. Cream are on the cutting edge of extreme fashion Makeup. The lavishly exciting colors of L.I.P. Cream offers full long lasting coverage with a built in hydrating cream to keep your lips smooth and supple. L.I.P. Cream is made using a creamy conditioning formula developed specially by Mehron.

Dang, y'all. I mean...DANG. Mehron is NOT KIDDING AROUND with this stuff. When they say "lavishly exciting," they mean LAVISHLY EXCITING. So this is some lip color from Mehron, a brand of which I've heard because I have bought my share of stage makeup (what what Mallatt's in Madison, WI), but many laypeople have not.

Because this is stage makeup, this is typically a) thick and b) highly pigmented. This Bubble Gum LIP Color Cream is no exception. It. Looks. Bananas. This is the type of color you would see in a fashion editorial and be like "no one could ever wear that in real life" and then the next day you SEE a girl wearing it and you're like "maybe I could wear it" and then you get it and put it on and you're like "oh god what have I done, I look like a coatcheck girl at the Copacabana, but not the real Copacabana, the one in Wisconsin Dells* where you can get a Mai Tai for like $3."

What I'm saying is: you should probably not wear this color. I don't think there are any people that should. The lip cream itself is fine. The Bubble Gum color is crazy.

*two Wisco references!

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