Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review - adesign Gel Liner Brush

Finish: High grade synthetic
Shape: Super thin point
Use: Liquid or cream liners
Multi-Purpose: Try wetting this brush and using with your traditional powder eye shadows for a dual purpose.

Oh, how I love gel eyeliner. It is so much classier than a pencil, and if you combine it with a power liner over it, it stays FOREVER. Like, forever. But you do need the right tool to apply it, and this adesign brush is a perfect candidate. The synthetic bristles are great for keeping a stiff, even line, and the point truly is super thin. Particularly nice about this brush is that while it's long and thin, there is a slightly wider area where you would hold it, making keeping the brush steady very simple. A good, solid brush to add to your stable.

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