Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review- Dove Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

  • Conditioner + treatment system
  • Contains patented micro moisture serum with fiber actives
  • Deep internal nourishment and prevents split ends and breakage
  • Advanced care and repair for beautiful hair
I am African-American with super coarse, kinky hair that constantly needs deep conditioning. I tried Dove Damage Therapy's Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner, hoping that it would bring new life to my flustered, frizzy strands. Sadly the formula was just not intense enough for my hair texture. The conditioner had a light texture and nice smell, but my particular type of hair just needed more. Also, this product is designed for daily use, but I only wash my hair once a week, so I don't think I got the maximum benefits. Overall this might be a great product for someone with less coarse hair that isn't as challenging to manage, but it definitely didn't do much for my mane.

Sultana says: I love our blog because we all have such different features. I think all of our readers can relate to at least one of us. With that said, I had the complete opposite experience! I have damaged and frizzy hair that takes A LOT of different steps to manage. Most important in my routine, is conditioner. I need something strong, yet not heavy. Unfortunately, this conditioner was too much for my hair. I was really shocked. The directions say use a quarter size on your hair. I went a little over that because my hair is long. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! When my hair dried after, it still felt like I had conditioner on it. It was hard and stiff and felt so strange. So the second time around I only used a dime. The end result was not that much different. This is one conditioner that I am going to say is actually over kill for me. Its very strong, and if you have fine hair I don't think it will work.

Trish says: This winter my hair had been especially dry and helpless. Trying to highlight my hair definitely didn't help it either. When I reached for this conditioner, to say the least, I really needed some of that moisture back quickly, too. I will say that Dove's Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner did do the trick and added the much needed hydration back to my hair successfully. However, in the process of re-moisturizing, I found the conditioner a little too heavy for my head to handle, and while I had noticeably silkier strands by far, it was also flat. Fortunately, I had a volumizing conditioner on hand and mixed it with the Dove daily treatment and came out pretty well with the best of both worlds. I would keep this conditioner on hand, especially if you're the type to color or treat your hair a lot...it really does moisturize, but be warned if you have fine hair like me, you may need to mix two types of conditioner together to get optimal results. Otherwise, it worked adequately for me with a little commingling going on!

Melissa says: I am African-American and my hair is natural. I need a conditioner with a lot of moisture and protection from dry ends, NYC's weather and the heat used to keep my hair straight. This conditioner didn't work for my hair. While it smells good and I had I hopes, I think I needed double the dosage to make an impact. I'm sure this would work for fine hair that can stand everyday washing and conditioning and needs minimal moisture.

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