Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review - Montagne Jeunesse Tonic Mask

Rip open and feel immediately perked up! The orange oil aromas smell so fresh - freshly squeezed! Pure Vitamin C invigorates the skin restoring natural vitamin levels. Fresher, Softer and stress free. 

I freaking love face masks like this. Growing up, I used to (and still do) love peel-off masks because they made me feel fancy and spa-like, but there is something about the towel-based mask that makes me feel EVEN FANCIER. Maybe because they are single-serving? In any event, I love them, and was excited to try this orange oil-based one from Montagne Jeunesse. 

This mask is intended to invigorate your face, but with my face, I think the experience was a little TOO invigorating, because I got ALL RED after using it. I did look amazing while using it, however:

Turbin' it!! Apparently you are supposed to pull the mouth part off and use it on your nose, but I didn't read the directions or realize that, so my nose went un-masked. At first, the mask felt really nice, but then it started to warm up (it did say it was a thermal mask) and my face started to get a little too hot. I think if you have less sensitive skin than I do, you might be all right, but it was too much for me to take, and I looked like a lobster when I took the thing off. That said, Montagne Jeunesse has, like, a million kinds of masks and I kind of want to try them all, even after this less-than-stellar experience with this one.

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