Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review - Laura Geller Eyeshadow

Baked Marble Eyeshadow - Baked powders for the eyes that feature multiple infusions of color. $22.00

The color I have is called Moonstone. I would describe it as a medium purple with flecks of copper & gold throughout. My initial thought was “How Cool”. I have been wearing this for a week now. It’s got really nice pigment and stays on through the day with minimal feathering. I have been wearing it on my lips as well as in the crease. The color is amplified by the copper & gold. It looks a lot more reflective. It’s a super smooth shadow that is velvety to the touch. I have hazel eyes and it really pulls the green out of them. This is a really big shadow for $22; it’s deep and will last forever! One more thing, it works really well with a damp brush, I have used it as a liner too, and I would recommend putting some on a brush then your hand then apply with a damp brush. I got a little hard spot on mine from directly picking up the shadow with the damp brush...

Movie Maven says:

Dude. You guys. This eyeshadow. Is. The bomb. I lucked out with the "Blue Heaven" color, with a variety of blues and some silver swirled around. Now, if the thought of blue eyeshadow leaves you shrieking and having some sort of 80s flashback, worry not. This blue is NOT the one from your electric youth. I've been using the darker tones - so navy they're almost black - as liner, and it works better than any shadow-as-liner attempts I've tried in the past. If you sweep a larger brush across the whole palette, you get a metallic, greyish blue that would be great on someone with brown or grey eyes (sadly, not me). But the lighter tones, if you can isolate them, are shimmery, silver blue that looks good on just about anyone! It's a splurge purchase for sure, but worth it if you're going to drop the cash.

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