Thursday, April 3, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Orange Tonic and Flower & Tonic Masks

Flower & Tonic Mask: This is a combination purifying and calming mask for congested, bumpy or slightly oily skin types. The Kaolin based formula absorbs dirt and oil from pores while the soothing, botanical Balsam Peru ingredient soothes minor redness and irritation.

Orange Tonic Mask:
Purify and tighten pores with this refreshing clay mask designed to treat normal, combination or slightly oily skin types. Reduce pore-clogging build-up that can cause pimples and blackheads by using this mask regularly. Rejuvenates dull skin with Orange Peel Extract, a natural AHA which exfoliates the skin.

I decided to review these two masks together because they're intended for the same skin types and do close to the same thing - but one does it better. They're both listed as being "purifying" and the basic function is the same: clean up those pores! I tried the Orange Tonic mask first, and I liked it all right. It smells like a Creamsicle, spreads on thinly, and once rinsed, leaves my relatively oily face almost a little too dry. It worked well, and I would have written it up positively, though not effusively...if I hadn't used the Flower & Tonic mask already.

The main reason I liked the Flower & Tonic mask better than its citrus counterpart (yours truly being a girl who likes her citrus) was the consistency. The Orange Tonic mask is bordering on runny at about the consistency of room-temperature ice cream, while the Flower & Tonic mask fares better, closer to pudding consistency (yours truly ALSO being a girl who likes her dairy-based desserts). It works just as well, does approximately the same thing, and smells a little better; the Creamsicle smell got a little tedious after a while, but the light floral scent in the Flower & Tonic was nice and not overpowering or cloying. You really only need one or the other of these two masks, and if I had to recommend one, it would hands down be the Flower & Tonic one. It's a nice, basic mask to have in your arsenal.

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