Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review - Canus Goat's Milk Lip Balm

Canus has developed a lip balm which combines the moisturizing properties of goat's milk with the sun protection provided by one of the best known skin protectants. This lip balm is make with the highest percentage organic and natural ingredients that we could find.

I love all things natural and especially those not tested on animals. So receiving this made me excited to give their products a try (more to come later on other Canus products once I have a go at them). I love this lip balm, and I will admit it, more than I love burt's bees. Someone will probably want to beat me up for saying that, it seems famous with all my friends when they're not using a gloss or their lips are chapped, but this is hands down the nicest, smoothest lip balm I've ever used. It doesn't go on too thick or feel heavy and has a nice tingle too it (but not too strong!). The best part about it is, it has staying power, I put it on over an hour ago and I can still feel it. And the price! it's less than $3 at drugstore.com (click the header above).

Sheba says: This is a very smooth and gentle lip balm. I do have to say it is very comparable to Burt's Bees. . . but I like them equally. This is definitely not waxy as many balms are. It goes on very smoothly and it does seem to have the staying power. It definitely benefits my lips as they do feel much better from using it. I like using it at night so it can do some of its healing then and during the day I use it alone as a gloss or under a color I am using for the day. The price is definitely reasonable and you can find this in local department stores or pharmacies which will save you the shipping and handling costs. I actually picked some up at .99 on sale and I should have stocked up but I had not tried it at that point -- or I would have stocked up. Great investment for your lips.

Movie Maven says: Agreement all around from this girl - love the smoothness, love the healing properties, love the natural...ness. When I first used this balm, I sensed a flavor in it where I thought there would be none - after a look at the ingredients, I saw that there is spearmint essential oil in it. Now, spearmint is one of those flavors I just can't stand. Like, fire-of-a-thousand-suns style hatred. If someone offers me gum, and it's spearmint, I will refuse (in much the same way I ensure that Coke products are being served as opposed to Pepsi, but that's another story). However: the spearmint flavor is so light and unimposing that even I, the avowed spearmint-hater, like this lip balm. Hooray!

CitySlicker Says: I use lip balms all the time. This is a great lip balm, it doesn’t go on heavy or make my lips stiff, and some of them with a lot of wax in them totally make my lips feel like I have rigor mortis... Enough about that! I am using this before applying my lipstick or gloss as well as in the evening before bed. I like the light spearmint scent. I do find that some minty balms can be very drying this is not the case. It’s just light enough to smell upon application then pouf it’s gone for me. I find that when I wake in the morning I can still feel a tiny bit on my lips so it does last throughout the evening.. I will continue to use and really enjoyed all 3 products that I tried from this line... Great stuff that is super affordable in the ever so expensive economy!

Maria says:

This little balm traveled with me to California and Vegas recently and I must say I grew quite fond of it. Being in a plane (especially for long trips) dries out everything on my body from face to eyes to lips - and the balm was always either in my jacket pocket or in the front flap of my pocketbook - always at the ready. It does not feel waxy and give me those white nasty lip thingys that tend to form on my lips if a product has too much wax in it - you know what I mean? The kind you have to sort of wipe off with a kleenex? Well, this product doesn't do that. It just keeps you lips moisturized and smooth. I too have enjoyed all three products received from the Canus line. I love what they stand for and their effectiveness is just great. I am hoping that someone tells me they are expecting a baby so I can order a bunch of stuff from their baby line to give as a gift. I have a feeling it will be exquisite.

Deedlejuse says:

I, also, really love my Canus Lip Balm. I agree with everyone on the light wonderful feeling that it gives your lips. Although I disagree with Movie Maven's spearmint hatred (spearmint is my favorite!) I have to say I agree with her opinion of the light wonderfulness of the flavor. This is definitely the lip balm I go for when I need some tender loving care for my pout, sometimes they just hurt and need a little love. I find that this lip balm is just what I want when I feel like I just need to indulge myself. Thats sort of funny isn't it, when the indulgence costs under $3. Simply wonderful!

Joyce says:

This tube stays on my desk and is used often. I work at home, so getting up to moisturize my lips after sipping water or another beverage would be a time-waster. Maybe using it so often is the reason my lips have been looking and feeling a lot smoother. Hmm…hadn’t thought of this until just now as I write this.

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