Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - Linden Leaves Foot Massage Cream

A nourishing, restorative blend of shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter blended for optimum richness, to soften and improve skin condition, promote circulation and restore moisture balance to weary feet.
Description: Apply to exfoliated feet with your hands, massaging into the skin with your fingertips and focusing on dry areas. Allow several minutes to absorb.
Size 200g pot / 7.05 fl oz - $24.95

50g / 1.9 fl oz · - $13.95

I decided to try this massage cream as it is different from any other foot product I have tried. I like to try different products and am I glad I tried this one. I have to massage it into my feet myself (my feet are way too ticklish for anyone else to attempt to massage -- I might die laughing). Follow the directions and exfoliate your feet first. You can use their products or one of your own and then proceed with this massage cream. It does take several minutes to absorb as they say so do not be waiting for it to be absorbed right away. I gently massaged it over my total foot area -- both feet -- concentrating mostly on the tougher, drier skin areas. There was a slight difference - even after one use. That encouraged me to continue and I am seeing greater improvement in the rough skin actually starting to feel softer and more hydrated. This is unique as my feet are resistant to many of the foot products out there. I have some luck with a few and no luck with others. This definitely is staying on my foot necessities list. Notice the two sizes and compare the costs with what you get. You save substantially by spending the higher amount as you get more than double the product for less than double the price. You do not need a lot of the cream -- my skin was like sandpaper and absorbed what I thought was a lot when actually it was just a dollop of the cream. It will last you a while so the price is well worth it.

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