Sunday, April 27, 2008

Review - Aromafloria Green Tea Bamboo Crème Glow Polish

Green Tea Bamboo Crème Glow Polish

Our refreshing Crème Glow Polish uses bamboo pumice to polish away dryness and refine rough areas. Crisp bamboo cleanses while green tea antioxidants protect the skin. Light, creamy texture is gentle enough to slough away those rough areas.

I know that Cityslicker recently posted about a similar product, but I think they are different enough to warrant a second post. Like the mango exfoliant this body polish is light and gentle, but it also has the antioxidant protection of green tea. I tend to use products infused with green tea a lot, because they are so beneficial to sun damaged skin. I'm 23, so there aren't lots of visible signs of sun damage, but I'm protecting for the future.
This body polish is not really an exfoliant, it really is more like a polish. It is like a face mask only slightly more granular. Things like sugar scrubs can be irritating for me, so I'm psyched that I found this product. It doesn't really have any smell, which is sort of disappointing since I'm a perfume hound. On the flip side though you don't have to worry about getting out of the shower smelling like a bunch of different things...
I really like the way that the polish works though, it gently takes off dry skin, and even off of really rough patches. I'm a fan.

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