Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Review - Avon ANEW CLINICAL 2-Step Facial Peel

For those that do not like scrubs, this stuff is pretty awesome. It was given to me by an Avon rep to try out because I have a few red spots on my forehead and chin from a rash over the winter, and the redness won't seem to die down. I seriously really love this stuff. It isn't something I'd use religiously forever, but I think every 3-4 months I am going to really want to go pick up a box and use it every other day to soften my skin and totally wipe away the spots. A bonus is, it gets rid of blackheads almost completely. This is probably the best at home peel I have ever tried. It's so gentle.
The one downside is, if you aren't careful, the pads dry out a little. But I added a few drops of water and they worked like usual. NOTE: I've found this stuff pretty cheap for sale on Ebay as well. I highly recommend it for people with spots on their skin or uneven tones. I am sure it helps with breakouts also because it removes the dead skin that could cause clogged pores.

Sheba says: You don't have to convince me. This product is great. I do think I am the last person in the world who did not know you could pick up Avon on Ebay for such discounted prices. I only caught that fact when I did a review of another Anew product. I will now be checking Ebay regularly before buying - even when it is on sale. The Ebay prices seem to beat a lot of the sale prices. (Remember to consider the shipping charges when doing your calculating.) This is definitely one of the mildest home peels available. I had run into some that dried out my skin so much that it started peeling. This product is even more amazing as it works better than most of the stronger ones. I do agree with Amanda and I do not use it on a regular basis. It is something I pull out of my bag of tricks maybe every other month or so. If a problem arises before I schedule my peel -- I simply move up the date and use it right away. At first I had used it pretty regularly but I find I do not need to do so. It actually seems to keep the skin and pores in pretty good condition between uses. I haven't run into an Anew product I don't like yet.

CitySlicker Says:
This peel is gentle and works! Enough said? No! I have used this since it’s introduction a few years back. Don’t like to suffer through the pain of recovery from a deep peel? You don’t have t. I can apply this gentle peel daily & get the same results. I mean I know they aren’t the same but this product keeps my skin fresh & vibrant looking, sheds the dead skin, promotes new growth & is gentle. I love it! I think the best thing about this is that you can do it on the fly, this is totally for the woman or man who has no time for time consuming skin maintenance. I will use this off and on but I keep coming back to it! It’s really great!

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