Monday, April 7, 2008

Review - Maybelline Intense XXL Volume + Length Microfiber Mascara

This mascara creates up to 60% longer lashes and 11X the volume.
No clumps
Ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact users
Washable; also available in waterproof formula
Up to $8.00

I have always been a fan of Maybelline for mascara even though I do use the more costly ones for a treat. I found this on the above Maybelline web site. However, if you hit it right you will not need to pay shipping and handling and will not have to wait for it. Just go to your local drugstore or cosmetic counter. I often hit "BOGO" free. If not that - there are real sales and discounted prices.
It definitely coats your eyelashes with noticeable color and thickness. It also visibly lengthens the lashes. Just remember it is up to you how heavy you want the color and how long you want the lashes. In order to really lengthen them you just simply add another coat until you get to your desired look. I do use an eyelash comb/brush to make sure I am clump-free. I have found that works with just about any mascara to remove any clumps along the lashes and the added ends of the lashes. It is pretty easy to attain the look you want. You can go from barely there for work or whatever to a heavier look for evening. It claims to come off easily with soap and water and I have found this to be true for me.

Amanda S. Says:

I just wanted to add my two cents on this product. I had a real problem using it unfortunately. I was really excited to try it out, but it clumped up pretty bad and smudged something awful throughout the day... I had pretty bad raccoon eyes.

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