Friday, April 11, 2008

Review - Linden Leaves Foot Scrub

Tiny exfoliating grains of natural pumice combined with moisture replensishing sweet almond oil make this foot scrub highly effective at removing dry skin, leaving your feet soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

This foot scrub is deceptively wonderful. When you first open it nothing special pops into your head. It smells natural, not particularly wonderful, but definitely not bad. The consistency is very nice, but it really doesn’t feel like you are doing any extra-ordinary exfoliating on you tootsies. It is so gentle and smooth, and fine that I didn’t really think I could possibly be doing those pesky calluses any damage at all. When I rinsed, however, I realized how nice my feet looked. Like even though I didn’t hurt myself (which I’m sure isn’t the point, but what I have always associated with “exfoliating foot scrub”) I could actually come out of the tub with smooth, almost shiny skin on my feet. My experience couldn’t have been better really. The dead skin is completely gone, and I have only used it twice. I’m a fan, and I love that it came from New Zealand, so exotic…..

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