Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - Elizabeth W Body Cream

Smell incredible, feel fresh, and look fabulous. Richly thick and intensely hydrating, elizabeth W creams absorb well to leave a silky, not greasy sensation. Perfect for hand or body, they are nourishing when rubbed into skin.

I tried the Lilac body cream from Elizabeth W. The scent is the one thing about this body cream that really sets it apart from others. Lilac is a really hard smell to get right. They can either be over the top sweet, or way too acidic. This body cream really hit the spot though, really just beautiful, soft, yet lasting scent. The cream itself is nice, it leaves your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. It has some good natural ingredients like algae extract and Shea Butter. The packaging is also very attractive, a great gift idea!

Sheba says: I decided to try a very different scent for me -- 'Leaves'. I have never tried anything like this before. I don't know how to describe it other than it smells exactly like fresh leaves to a plant. It is a very clean and fresh scent and it is not a heavy scent. The cream, itself, contains shea butter and vitamin e-- two of the best things for skin. It absorbs very quickly into your skin -- no need to wipe off excess. Your skin is left with a very fresh, silky feel to it. There is no residue if you happen to lean against something. The scent does last a while so I use it when I do not intend to put on another fragrance that just might fight this pleasant one. $28.00 for 5 oz. might seem a bit high, but this size will last you for quite a while. It works out to be quite reasonable when you consider its benefits and how long this will last in your bag of tricks. I might add that my next purchase will be more in my one of my usual fragrance areas, citrus. 'Leaves' is fresh and clean smelling but I do wish I had selected 'Citrus Vervain'.

City Slicker Says: I have this cream in Vetiver.. I didn’t know what the heck vetiver was till a friend told me that is was a bush that is found on the island of Nantucket that spawns little white flowers, surely it is found elsewhere but this was my first time I had heard of it. This cream is very light and whipped feeling. It’s so easy to apply. I have been using it after showering when I am still a little damp. My hope is to lock in the moisture. The scent is really nice; it’s very green and fresh. I really enjoy it. I am delighted that it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave my body feeling greasy at all. I have noticed that the soft smooth skin is there all day till I undress and pop into bed so it totally lasts throughout... The container is a tad bit small for the $$ is my only gripe...

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