Monday, April 28, 2008

Review- Lady Primrose Royal Extract Bee Restored Serum

Royal Extract Bee Restored Serum softens and hydrates the skin with an enticing blend of golden honey, Royal jelly, Vitamin E and orange blossom. Lighter in feel than lotion, this serum delivers moisture with every drop. Apply over the body and gently massage into the skin for an immediate silky-smooth feel and a hint of golden shimmer. 4 oz. $20.00

Let me just start out with a super-cool fact about Lady Primrose products- They are the brand of toiletries supplied in the bathroom of the world's only 7 star hotel in Dubai. So For less than the price of getting on Greyhound you can pamper yourself like the ultra rich. And this moisturizer is definitely worthy of it's pedigree. I am in love with the convenient spray-on-moisture format. It sinks in almost instantly and keeps your skin from getting dry all day & night. It smells like perfume, as a matter of fact, when I wear it, I skip the perfume entirely. I don't know if I've hyped myself into this or not, but this spray leaves me feeling as if I've pampered myself. And for $20, this is a luxury even I can afford.

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