Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review- Archipelago Botanicals African Freesia Candle

Archipelago African Freesia candle is the exotic scent of the African freesia. Hand poured, using only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils available.
50 hours burn time
Essential oils and natural frangrances
Premium wax blend (contains more than 50% natural soy wax)

First thing I noticed, obviously is the packaging, understated, simple and elegant. Definitely, good looking and very gift worthy... Secondly, the scent billows through the box... The light & sweet scent of freesia filled the room when I opened it. I lit this at work in the office I share with 4 other people & asked their thoughts. Honestly, every single person loved it. The scent filled the room very quickly; it’s not overwhelming or perfumy. I found this to be a calming, delightful scent. I brought it home after burning it for almost 3 hours and I can attest that this candle lasts; it didn’t make much of a dent in it. This is a nice sturdy, heavy container that I don’t have to worry about the cat knocking over... I am a freesia lover now! It’s lit now and filling my home with the sweet floral scent!

Hillary Says:

If I were blindfolded right now I would not be able to tell you whether someone had just brought in fresh flowers or had lit my Archipelago Botanicals African Freesia candle. It just smells that good! It's one of the strongest candles I've ever owned and I LOVE it. It's a soy blend and it burns very cleanly. From what I've seen so far, this candle is going to last a long time. I'm now anxious to try other Archipelago Botanicals candles. I highly recommend this candle.

Deedlejuse Says

I definitely agree with the above posts. This candle is wonderful, and beautiful both visually and sensory. I really don't think I could have found a better flower smell if I tried. It is just so light and bright, but not strong and perfumy, like you are in a garden. This is the first soy candle I have ever had, and I cannot even articulate the difference. Some candles make my throat scratchy, and my eyes water. I figured it was just something about the fragrance, but in retrospect it must have been whatever was burning off. This one just felt cleaner. Sort of like you were refreshing the air, as opposed to filling it with smell. I will never get another regular candle again, even if they are less expensive. This candle is certainly worth $22, and in fact I would probably pay more. I love it.

Sheba says:
After the positive reviews I just had to try this candle. Believe the reviews!! This is one of the few candles I have used with a 'true' or 'real' scent. Most fragrance candles have a scent which gives off a 'fake' aroma that copies the original. This surrounds you with the original scent -- nothing artificial about it. Being a soy candle it burns cleaner so everything about it just refreshes the air leaving it a bit more pleasant than when it started. I do have to admit that I am one to look around for bargains but this is worth the cost. I will not find a better candle than this for any less. I know -- I have tried. So I don't mind spending the money on a product that works perfectly.

Amanda S: I'd just like to reiterate what everyone else above has said, what beautiful packaging, and the smell just enveloped the apartment, not in an overwhelming way, but in a really peaceful and subtle way. My boyfriend and roommate both really love the scent and, in confess, I've had this candle on my "amazon.com" wishlist for over 6 months. Lucky me!

Maria says: What an awesome candle. It looks classy and elegant and smells lovely. I actually had (yes, HAD - it's gone - I couldn't help myself - had it lit all the time) this burning in my bedroom and not only did I love the smell while burning, it kept lingering in the room afterwards and it was so pretty - it went great with the great weather we were having at the time - just made it feel like a perfect spring day. Very nice - A+ for packaging and quality.
Joyce Says:
I loved my African Freesia candle. I’ve used other soy candles before that even if pleasantly scented, also provided an “extra” scent I didn’t enjoy. I wished I’d tracked how many hours it lasted, because it was a lot of them. As Maria did, once I lit it, I put it out only if I had to leave or when I went to bed.

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