Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review - Canus Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's milk has long been known as a rejuvenator and a moisturizer of human skin. Goat's milk is the only milk containing capric-capryllic triglyceride which helps moisturize the skin, contributing to its softness. Our goat's milk soap is extra gentle, bringing this ancient legacy to life. $2.49

This soap lathers up into a nice rich froth and is very creamy. The scent matches their body lotion so it’s nice to use them together. I don’t use bar soap often. I am a big bath gel person. I have to admit it was really nice to use a bath soap that offers such a nice moisturizing effect. It also doesn’t just melt away in the shower. It’s pretty hard and lasts. What am I most shocked about? It’s only $2.49. This is SO worth the money. It does a great job in cleaning the body; it’s gentle and easy to use to shave with, in lieu of shaving cream...

Sheba says:

City Slicker is right -- this is an incredible product for the price. One thing I have discovered about soap in the shower is to hide it away from the shower water when you are not using it. It will be disintergrating each time your husband or whoever uses the shower and does not even use the soap. Further, it leaves that darn soapy residue down the wall of the shower. So protect your investment -- even if it is reasonable. This creates a luxurious lather as it gently cleanses. It does not leave your skin feeling dry -- in fact, it is just the opposite. Your skin is left with a soft silky feel to it -- and it feels nice and hydrated. The scent is a clean one and not strong so it is hard to think anyone might dislike it. It dissipates quickly after the shower so that there are only the lightest traces left. I am also a shower gel person but I toss soaps into the mix every so often. This is one that will remain in the mix for me.

Deedlejuse Says:

You are just going to hear more of the same. Tell me, if you could either buy a wonderfully gentle goats milk moisturizing soap or Dial, why would you choose the super-fragranced moisture sucking soap that is on the general market today? I don't think it is really even a question, and if you try this soap I think you'll agree with me.

Hillary says:

Goat's milk tastes great in coffee. It also makes for a great line of skin care. I really like the Canus Goat's milk lotion & soap. The scent is great: musky and clean at the same time. The bar rinses completely clean without drying. The best part about it is it's readily available at my local pharmacy (not all pharmacies carry it). This bar will be going in my shower from now on.

Amanda S. Says: This product really is great, and worth the money as said above. I love the lather and the gentleness of the soap on my skin (which has been even inexplicably more dry than usual for the past week. As repeated in my post about the lotion, I love the natural feel and smell of the soap and everyone in the household is excited about using it. Also noted by the males: it works great to wash short hair also!

Joyce says:

If you imagine that soap made with pure vegetable oil and fresh goat’s milk is going to feel creamy on your skin, you’re right. The scent is deliciously pleasant and delicate. Skin is smoothed and soothed. They have a children’s line and I can only believe the kiddies who get treated to being bathed with their version must feel and smell just plain good.

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