Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - Nantucket Natural Oils -Natural Perfume

Perfume & Cologne "fragrances" get a bad name for smelling "too strong". What most people don't understand is that ALCOHOL is the "too strong" ingredient in perfume & cologne which causes your scent to go from "too strong to gone". We source fine natural oils from around the world and use them to recreate your alcohol diluted designer perfume WITHOUT THE ALCOHOL. The purity of scent in NATURAL OIL is clean & long lasting. It is wonderfully light and richly fragrant.
.25 oz -- $ 45.00
.50 oz -- $ 75.00
1.oo oz --$130.00

I was taken to one of these Perfumeries (in Newburyport, MA) where I was determined to duplicate a fragrance I fell in love with in the Bahamas. I met Deedlejuse, the first fragrance expert I have encountered. She mixed oils for me to try and as we talked she mixed other combinations that I mentioned liking. Before I knew it she had conjured up some of the most beautiful aromas I have ever inhaled. I do not pretend to know what majical oils or percentages of each she used but I now had a difficult choice. She had made up 3 completely different scents and I had to select one. Also, when you make one up (or let the person with the knowledge and background assist you in mixing one up) you get to name it. Your own Personal Perfume. I felt a little like Estee Lauder, Jr. -- naming my own scent. Well, mine has a strong Mandarin scent to it and I have received complements galore on it. I think I owe a lot of those complements to her for combining the perfect ingredients for me. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a return customer. Once you have visited one of their locations and had some expert assistance in developing your own scent -- or buying a designer resemblance you will agree that the cost is more than reasonable. You can go to any Department store and buy a Designer scent which will have the alcohol in it for about the same price or more. It will fade a lot sooner than this will. Try this -- you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Sheba says: I guess I just can't say enough -- I have been using another of their perfume oils. I am addicted to 'Clean' perfume and all of the similar ones. Well, I got my hands on the oil that resembles 'Fresh Laundry'. If you can tell the difference between this oil and the original perfume you must have a perfumer's nose. The one difference I found is that this oil lasts a bit longer and does not have to be refreshed as often. You definitely get your money's worth with these oils. These make an excellent gift -- I know -- I got one as a present! That was my first step into the addiction I have now have for them. This is a good addiction!!!

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