Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Review - Dr. Michelle Copeland Dental Whitener

  • Formulated specifically to minimize tooth sensitivity
  • Brightens teeth at least three shades within seven days
  • Formula: 6% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Whiter teeth for a beautiful, healthy, younger-looking smile
  • Disposable one-time use pre-measured trays
  • Guaranteed whiter smile in just one week!
  • One size fits all
I have extremely sensitive teeth. Also being an ex-smoker and a coffee and tea drinker, I get some heavy staining on my teeth. I started using Dr. Michelle Copeland's dental whitener kit praying that it wouldn't sting and burn my teeth and gums like those other strips you can buy (no names mentioned!) which really ripped my gums apart and made me feel like I had just gotten ten new fillings and was afraid to even chew after a few days of using them. This stuff is different. First off, it comes in these awesome foamy little pre-filled things that are so comfortable to use, no weird drooling or feeling like you want to spit them out, I wore them for the full time (15-30 minutes) and felt fine doing it each day. They fit really well, didn't slide around, taking them out was easy and you can just rinse afterward and go on with your regular life. This stuff is just great, my teeth are definitely whiter, much whiter. I had several people checking my progress over the week of use and there is a seriously noticeable difference. It's even whiter than I expected it could be without getting some sort of professional whitening that costs $300 and burns like crazy. I would recommend this HIGHLY to anyone having problems with teeth discoloration because it's a lifesaver, and to date no stains have returned. I will use this again if any issues arise with discoloration, it's definitely worth the money savings (this is only $99 for a ten day pack versus the $300-400 a dentist will charge for the same exact thing). try it!

Hillary says:

This stuff is amazing! I can't believe how white my teeth have come with this kit! I started seeing results from the first time I used it. I venture to say it gets your teeth 2 shades lighter with each application (I leave it on for as long as you're allowed to). This has gotten my teeth much whiter than a professional cleaning at the dentist does and there's not poking or prodding. I'm not implying this is a substitute for a real cleaning, but aesthetically this kit does wonders and at such an affordable price.

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