Sunday, December 9, 2007

Review -Chanel Precision Rectifiance Intense Retexturizing Line Correcting Cream

• A light-textured day cream that helps regenerate skin for smoothness
• Remarkable formula works from within to reduce appearance of fine lines
• Micro-protein complex maintains skin firm & elastic
• Essence of Neroli from orange blossoms block enzyme that causes aging
• With sunscreen power to protect skin from photo-aging UV rays.
• Skin is revitalized & provides a vibrant, young, matte look

$78 for 1.7 oz. @ Chanel

This is a great thick luxurious cream that goes on velveting soft and absorbs quickly. Although I can't say it did anything exceptionally better than other creams with the same name, my skin was really very smooth and soft, and stayed that way much longer than with other creams, and it smells great. I would definitely recommend this cream for someone with really noticeable lines in their skin around their eyes and mouth especially if they have extremely dry skin that absorbs creams too quickly and dries out too much after exfoliating. I can see myself using this cream after a facial to calm any freak-outs my skin might have and to keep it super hydrated.

Hillary says:

Let me start by saying not only do I have naturally dry skin, I use a prescription retinol cream every other day. This cream was a almost a match for my often slightly flaky skin. Then again, it's meant as a moisturizer, not as a super charged end all be all (if you find that, let me know). For example I often have to put shea butter or YuBe cream on my dry patches. For my skin overall, it worked fine. I can't attest to the wrinkle fighting properties as I'm already using a cream for that. I would still recommend it with a retinol such as Retin-A or Tazorac as it held it's own against it. For those of you with vaguely dry skin and the first signs of lines, this would certainly do the trick. Plus it has very good SPF ingredients which will protect you from the full spectrum of the sun's rays (you would be surprised how many are insufficient). I would certainly consider buying this if I ever went off retinoids.

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