Friday, December 7, 2007

Review: Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Conditioning Shampoo

Our original formula produces a rich fragrant lather with a refreshing blue water scent that has a hint of mint and lavender. (If you have recently stayed at a Hilton Hotel, you will remember it.)

I'm sure there's someone out there for whom this is great shampoo, but that person is not me. I have very straight, very fine, fairly oily hair, and this shampoo seemed to exacerbate those characteristics. After I washed it, it felt the way it does after a whole day of running around. Not dirty per se, but not clean either. As you can see from the description above, this is the shampoo provided in Hilton Hotels; I'd use it in a pinch if I was staying there, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. It does smell lovely, though.

Amanda says: I am that someone that this is a great shampoo & conditioner for! In Fact, the shampoo was so gentle on my hair I think I could even wash with it every day and not have my hair turn into hay. I love the conditioner also, it's not too heavy, and it glides through my hair and rinsed out very clean. the shampoo has this very fine bubbling texture to it and it just seemed to rinse all the muck out without stripping my hair. I often use a ceramic iron / relaxers in my hair, so I fear damage, but my hair was super soft and manageable after using this. My roommate also tried it (he's a guy) and he loved it too, and said it worked well to keep his short, baby fine hair from being too greasy.


Anna from Malta said...

The La Source shampoo and conditioner are amazing! I first used it when I stayed at a Hilton Hotel in England in April and it left my hair so soft and silky. I have thick wavy hair with a tendency to frizz when it dries but these products controlled it perfectly. The only problem is I have tried to find it online through the website without any success.

Anonymous said...

used sample I brought home from hotel, already ordered more online!! LOVE IT!! Naturally wavy hair has been amped up to beautiful curls. Soft and full of body. Smells great too!!