Thursday, December 13, 2007

Review- Dr. Michelle Copeland Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer

In an independent study, women used Ageless Skin Under Eye Concealer—provided in an unlabeled white container—for four weeks.
  • 81% noticed lessening of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet)
  • 94% noticed their skin had smoother texture
  • 94% noticed their skin was less dry
  • 87% noticed an overall improvement in the quality of their skin
  • Dr. Michelle Copeland is onto something with her make up line, non-cakey under eye coverage without run-off, without the product falling into any creases of the eye, and great color matching. I used "medium" for my somewhat fair but also olive skin and the coverage with a few dots of the make up was quick and flawless. Containing 11 anti-aging ingredients, it feels like your feeding your skin instead of coating it and drying it out like some other heavy full coverage concealers feel.

    This is light, non-irritating on my super-sensitive eye area and goes on very smooth. Coverage lasts average if not longer than most under eye concealers and make up, but really when it contains all the added anti-aging benefits like coQ-10 it's worth what it does in double duty far beyond the other options out there.

    I also love the texture of the make up, it doesn't look clumpy or thick or hard to spread on your skin, even if you have fussy sensitive under eye skin that tends to dry out.

    Hillary Says:

    The first time I used this concealer, I had been outside for a while and my skin was like parchment, so there wasn't much it could do. Every time since then I have used it I've loved it. It goes on smoothly, yet covers completely. It comes with a "fabric" applicator wand that distributes the make-up well. It doesn't go into the minuscule lines under your eyes (which as we all know makes you look 10 years older). I originally thought the "Light" color wouldn't be light enough, but once I put it on, it matched perfectly and it stayed on all day. My eyeliner quit before it did & I had used sealer (we're talking a long time). It has lots of anti-oxidants as well as aloe to protect your eye area. I feel a lot of people overlook the eye area when it comes to anti-oxidants, so this is a no-brainer. This product is staying in my purse at all times!
    P.S. I haven't been using it long enough to notice an improvement in my skin, but check back in a few weeks and I'll let you know!

    Cityslicker says:

    I LOVE this concealer, it's a perfect yellow based concealer (at least that how it appears to me).. I don't use a lot of this, I don't need to, I find that a little does the job, it leaves my eye area looking bright and flawless.. I dab a little on with the wand and blend in with my concealer brush, I am finding that it is covering the teeny tiny veins that aren't super visable but yet I know they are there.. I think that since using this concealer that my foudation looks better. I have a bright complexion. I also have to mention that I don't notice this riding in any of the fine lines that I around my eyes and it's made for longterm wear.. I don't need to reapply if I go out at night. I also would like to mention that this is creamy and hydrating.. I find that along with an eye cream, there is no riding and it looks fresh all day long.. It stays on and really blends in with my skintone.. This is a concealer that offers a light to medium coverage depending on how it's applied, you can totally cover up imperfections or just dab on for brightening in dull areas.. I have only been using for about 10 days so I haven't notices any decrease in my fine lines I am very happy with my results thus far..

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