Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review - Mary Kay Nourishing Body Lotion, Red Tea & Fig

With a nutrient-rich mix of botanicals, this Nourishing Body Lotion leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Feel the dryness disappear as emollient sunflower oil, rich in nutrients, conditions the skin. This lightweight formula also includes vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Lightly sweetened by fig notes, the scent surrounds you in its warmth.
I want to eat this lotion, It smells like candied figs and it's delicious and I want to hug the person that gave it to me as a holiday gift. Normally I get a basket of lotion/body products and I think, here we go again, but this is amazing and I think I should buy stock in the stuff (or you should) because I am going to be using this A LOT. i also got the body scrub and it is DELICIOUS and works great (but not too harsh) for scrubbing off that gross too-cold-weather-layer of dry skin. I wish I could send smells over the internet (is there a way to do this yet?) until I figure that out, find your nearest mary kay salesperson or go to the website and buy this, it goes on clean and light, smells (and the smell lasts, but not too strong...) fantastic and really moisturizes and isn't harsh on the skin or alcohol-y.

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