Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Review- Gillette Venus Vibrance Soothing Vibrations Razor

· One Venus Vibrance razor, one shaving compact, and one "AAA" battery
· Features multiple lubrastrips that ensure a smooth glide and gentle shave
· Primary strip contains aloe, botanical oils, and special ingredient "TONE" to gently exfoliate and moisturize
· Soothing vibrations can result in fewer nicks and cuts; includes one "AAA" battery
· Shaving compact ideal for mounting in the shower or for traveling
I got one of these little numbers as a holiday gift (you know, stocking stuffer sort of thing) and I absolutely just had to write about it because I am just... well I'm just confused. It's a razor that vibrates. YEA, it vibrates. I'm not sure it vibrates a whole lot, I could feel it sometimes, then other times not, but it really does.... vibrate. yea. I'm confounded because I am not sure how this translates into a clean shave, and I am the queen of accidental nicks and razorburn so I pride myself on razor safety and knowhow. I didn't cut myself, but it wasn't any more special than any other razor I've used that's touted itself as super close, soft skin, safe shaver etc etc. But it's just so weird that it vibrates I had to tell the world about it, and I frankly don't know why it does. If anyone can explain please get in touch.
All in all, it's a regular razor, but for over $10, it's an expensive everyday razor.

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