Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nuxe Aroma-Vaillance moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle care with long-lasting effects, drawing on the action of Matrixyl® on synthesis of collagen and glycoaminoglycans to help restore the qualities of young skin. Enriched with anti-aging Vitamins A, C and E, moisturizing Plant Oils and soothing Essential Oils. The fine-textured emulsion literally melts into skin.

Wrinkles are visibly diminished, the skin is left supple and soft, the complexion radiant.

this is a pretty cool smelling and good textured facial moisturizer, but I'm not finding anything that sets it apart. it could be the small sample size that I have, that it hasn't had time to really work yet, but all I'm really seeing is a good moisturizer with a nice smell that undoubtedly works on my skin even when it's super dry, but I'm not too sure about the anti-aging properties that it purports. I guess if I had a larger size I would be able to say more, or if used for more than a week or so. Either way, it's right up there with the others as far as moisturizer goes (like Origins perfect world or chanel day and night cream), but it doesn't set itself apart otherwise.

$51 @ Beauty.com

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