Monday, December 10, 2007

Review - Nivea Visage Eye Makeup Remover

This unique gel formula uses Pro-Vitamin B5 to care for the delicate eye area while removing make-up. Formulated to remove even water-proof make-up and mascara without leaving a greasy residue.

I wear stage makeup, so I have a lot of experience in both putting on and taking off all the wonderful gunk we put on our eyes. Cold cream is an old favorite, but it's pretty hardcore. When I've been wearing regular old eye makeup and need to get it off quickly and easily, this is the stuff I use. It's more like a lotion than anything else, and it's super soft on that sensitive skin around your eyes. You don't need to use much, and it works remarkably well. $5.79 at (or steal it from your roommate like I did).

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