Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review:La Source - Triple-Milled Soap with Shea Butter

Our La Source cleansing bar is formulated with shea butter to moisturize and condition your skin.
Excellent for dry skin
Shea butter formula
Conditioning Scent: Relaxing sea air fragrance
Cityslicker says:
I love shea based products and this is no exception.. Shea based soaps are creamy and wonderful to shave with.. This says relaxing sea fragrance but I think it smells like ocean and rain mixed.. fresh and light.. I have a sample bar that lasted 4 days by using it along with a bath puff. I found that I got really nice frothy lather and the scent was thrown throughout the bathroom.. It was a nice fresh scent that I could smell when I walked out of it, not to perfumy at all. The soap does a nice job of cleaning my skin and rinsing away with no residue left on my skin.. I also found that my skin was hydrated and smooth.. I really think that this soap is great for shaving.. The razor glided over my stems with no catched or nicks.. I would totally rebuy this and indulge daily!

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