Thursday, January 31, 2008

Review - Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil 4oz:: $60.00 Lasts two months

Stimulates skin functions, necessary for its elastic retention. Moisturizes and quickly absorbs into the skin. A must for after bath or shower. A great massage oil! Excellent for face, scalp, hair and cuticles.
CitySlicker Says:
This is a wonderful product and great line. When I dispensed the first drop, I was a little scared off - its bright orangey color reminded me of the color of butter from theaters. It does have an organicy earthy scent that I find to be calming and don't mind it one bit. I like to use this product after using a peel or a misrodermabrasion scrub, but also like it as a moisturizer. I find that 2 drops works wonders on my face. I apply this, then sunscreen and I am ready to go. I also use a few extra drops in the evening to give my face a deep boost of hydration. A couple of drops in the AM and it quickly absorbs into my thirsty skin and no greasy look is left behind. It gives my skin the foundation for makeup. At night the few extras do make my skin look oily but I am used to it and wake to find it all absorbed. I don't use so much that I am leaving my pillows stained. This product really lasts - you can hold onto it for some time. I think the results for my face have been wonderful: a nice moisturized face, clean, not oily and never any discomfort. There are many uses I haven't tried but I am going to be testing this out on my cuticles.

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