Thursday, January 31, 2008

Review: Linea Pro C2 Flat Iron

The new C2 technology is exclusively found with Linea-Pro. The C2 is going to be a flat iron that once again leads the market with innovation in style and technology. The C2 uses pure titanium plates so that negative Ions and Far infrared heat can be produced in abundance. In fact, the C2 produces 30% more of these two essential ingredients than any other flat iron using ceramic. The mass mixture of negative ions and far infrared heat then suspend them selves over the actual surface of the plate like an invisible coating. When passed through the hair this invisible layer never breaks up, discharging a huge amount of these two essential particles/ elements directly into the hair shaft. This helps to lock in moisture and increase the ionic effect like no other flat iron. The new patented heat expansion technology is only found in the Linea-Pro C2 range and ensures perfect flat plate alignment when hot. The lightness and handling of this iron is amazing once you use a C2 there is no comparison. The pure Titanium plates in the C2 have been made longer than any thing on the market. The stylist can now work with bigger sections of hair, cutting usage time down to a minimum.

CitySlicker Says:
Come on...can a flat iron get more Rock & Roll than this? I don't think so! I have been using this since the summer and love it. I am a huge fan, not for the look of the iron, but for the amazing results I get. I have fine hair that was past my shoulders, but now looking more like a Katie Holmes 'do and I am loving using it on both lengths. It's so easy to use and it's cool having the temp control on the cord. I just clip it to my sleeve and I never have a mishap. It gets really hot so beware. The finished results are paper straight hair or flippy. I can get a serious curl too. It's super versatile. I have had no problem cleaning it either - hair products tend to build up over prolonged periods of use, so I turn it on, heat it up on the lowest temp and use a damp cloth and it pretty much melts away. I know it's expensive but it's an investment. I stack this up to your T3's, Chi's, babybliss, you name it! Linea-Pro is worth it and edgy and fun to boot. I am dying to try the hairdryers - they are equally cool and probably rock the 'do dry in no time. I haven't see them online but I have seen them at shows. One more thing: I think the key to perfection is to part your hair into tiny sections.

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