Monday, January 7, 2008

Review- Dr Michelle Copeland's Rewind Eye Formula

Dr Michelle Copeland's Rewind Eye Formula

1 oz $123.00 .5 oz $79.00 .25 oz $55.00

Eye care that works like a dose of rest and relaxation. Contains Dr. Copeland's exclusive anti-wrinkle complex. Contains Argireline and biopeptide (pentapeptide) for maximum wrinkle reduction and firming. Removes dark circles and puffiness around eyes. Results are seen immediately and improvement continues with daily usage. Goes where injections can't to reduce crow's feet. Contains soothing Aloe. This breakthrough anti-wrinkle complex helps erase fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth, and neck. A unique proprietary blend of the most effective anti-aging agents stimulates cell renewal. Effects can be seen immediately and continue with daily use.

Cityslicker Says:
I have been using this for 2 weeks and had to share my opinion thus far. This is a great cream that is working wonders on my New England winter beaten face. The winter here is dry and cold, which means my skin can act up and get ruddy and my makeup looks less than hydrated, the moment I am out in the cold for a short period and all the moisture in my skin disappears. I am proud to tell that since using the eye rewind my eye area (and lips) are hydrated and fresh looking. I apply this on right after popping in my contacts. I find that this beige serumy cream absorbs quickly and feels like it's a layer of protection - it works awesome in combination with the Copeland concealer too. I find that my eye area is hydrated well into the day and my makeup is staying put and I feel a lot more confident. This is a fragrance free item also; I have experienced no sensitivity and I really see that this formula is helping to plump up my eye area. I like it so much on my eyes that I have been using a bit on my lips under my gloss (which tends to be drying) and it is a nice barrier. I will continue to use and I can't wait to see the reduction of fine lines over time. This is a great line that offers so many cool products. I am so happy I got to try and share my results.

Hillary Says:
When I first got this product I thought it was a regular eye cream. Not so. What it is is an eye treatment cream. It helps treat all those problems you wish your eye cream would take care of, but doesn't. Think of it as steroids for your eye cream. It boost moisturization, helps eliminate fine lines, bags and dark circles. It took me a while to warm up to this product, but I have to say, I've been using it for a few weeks now and it really delivers. I didn't see it at first because my eyes are in pretty good shape. With the cold weather we've been having I suddenly noticed the only part of me that wasn't dry and flaky was around my eyes. I attribute that to this cream.

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