Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review - Jane Lipkick Ribbons Lip gloss

  • Pure lipgloss provides a super lustrous finish with a hint of vanilla and sheer color highlights.
  • Mirror and brush inside.
Here's a really cute and neat idea. Taking 5 different shades of lip gloss and putting them in a little pan with a brush and a mirror in the bottom. I love Jane Lip gloss anyway, it goes on with no lumps or weird clumps in it, and the colors in the palette I have (called "Brocade") are really cute and go great with my skin tone. the little brush works really great too, and my only real issue here is that the brush has to be used in all the different colors so it gets a little mixed up AND the brush is in a compartment at the bottom of the case and it rattles around and the compartment gets a little messy. But otherwise it's a great deal (around $5 for 5 colors!) and the lip gloss is really cute and fun to use. I like using the brush more than the usual stick that goes into the tube of lip gloss, it goes on a lot better, and having the mirror is awesome. GOOD DEAL.

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