Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review: Steven Victor's Miracle Serum

Steven Victor MD Miracle Serum .5 oz $150.00
Revs up skin's crucial lipid barrier and increases essential hydration by significantly escalating ceramide levels that have depleted with time. These aren't your average ceramides, these lipids mimic skins own natural hydration system and increases moisture retention by 90%. Enhanced moisture means skin looks and feels more supple and smooth with improved radiance and fewer signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
Can be used anytime for moisture touch up
Ideal for lines around the eyes or mouth


This is AMAZING. I have been using this product for about 6 months daily and I am still on my first .5oz. I use this tiniest amount that can be distributed and voila, it's enough for my entire face. It's got no perfumy scent and seeps into my skin almost instantly so I can keep on going; there is no absorption time. I have found since using this my skin's overall appearance is better, it looks plumper and more radiant. Since I live in the Northeast, this winter has been really good for me, no dryness from the weather & elements and this moisture lasts all day for me. It is super expensive, but guys & dolls, when you find something called "Miracle Serum" and it's a miracle for you, it would be worth it to panhandle to come up with the coin for this product. I am a huge fan of Steven Victor; in fact, I use the entire line and I will review the other items also. When I use everything, I swear, like no other line I get more compliments that I do with anything else. His line really fights the signs of aging and is quick to correct skin that is out of control!! I can't give this a true rating, since for me, it's off the charts!!

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