Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review - jane Eye Zing Mix & Match Eye Shadow,

· Eye opening mix and match shades that work beautifully together or on their own
· Selected by experts to add definition and color, to get the look you want, in one convenient compact

you can't beat this little eyeshadow. I picked up up (it's under $5 at Duane Reade here in New York City) on a whim because I liked the colors in the "sunset tones" set as I was perusing (ok maybe stalking) the cosmetic aisle as I am known to do fairly often on breaks or when I'm bored/feeling down. The colors really pop out, they don't wear off and they just blend really well either over foundation/powder or on bare skin. I wore this stuff for three days, and it's lasted through work and all my weary-eye rubbing that I do when I read too much. For the price you really can't beat it, definitely check out all the cute different colors they have that can match just about anyone's skin and eye color.

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