Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review - Maybelline Pure Makeup

  • Shine-free foundation with H2O
  • Oil free
  • 50% water, won't clog pores, flawless finish
This is another of my daily products I've been meaning to review. If you've seen some of my other skin-related reviews, you know that I've got oily skin that's sort of hard to control. This makeup is wonderful - light, just enough coverage, and water-based so it doesn't make my skin worse. I put it on with a brush to just sweep the surface of only the places where I need it, and it doesn't get all gross and cakey like some foundations do. It's also pretty easy to match so you don't get a crazy line on your face and/or look like those girls on Sunset Tan (which I swear I don't watch, except for the clips on The Soup). Sweet. $5.99 @

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