Friday, January 11, 2008

Review - Revlon Flair Perfume

Flair Perfume by Revlon, This Phenomenal Fragrance Was Created By Revlon, In 2006. Its Sexy Scent Includes A Mixture Of Passion Fruit, Black Currant, Peony, Ylang-ylang, Plum, Praline, And Patchouli. This Spectacular Perfume Would Make A Great Gift For Any Occasion.

For $16 at CVS, this little perfume can't be beat, it has a great soft fruity smell to it (the peony smell really comes through too, and i LOVE peonies), and it is not overpowering and doesn't die down too quickly after application. The bottle is cute and the rich red color of the box really describes the richness of the scent, it's soft and quiet yet very well blended, I think this would make a great gift because almost anyone could wear it, it's classic enough for your mother and sexy enough for your girlfriend. It would mix well with almost any person and any occasion.

Hillary says:
I agree that this is a nice perfume, but it's not my style. It is very much a "classic" scent for people who like florals. I also like that it lasts. You can have the best scent in the world, but if it doesn't last, what's it worth? I think you're getting surprising value if this perfume is only $16. Use the link above to get to CVS & get $5 off $30 and free shipping.

Movie Maven says:
I'm not much of a perfume girl, so testing this was like uncharted waters for me. Usually I smell like my shampoo or lotion, so they're very subtle scents; I was worried that this would be overpowering. But the scent was interesting and a little exotic, almost spicy, but not too much. It definitely smells like something more expensive than a drugstore brand, and (without having a whole lot to compare it to) it seemed to last a reasonable amount of time. I wouldn't wear this every day, but if I wanted to feel fancy, I would probably bust it out again. Also, the bottle is quite pretty.


Cookie said...

I absolutely love this scent! It's wonderful and I can't believe the price! It lasts longer than most scents I have that are three times the price.

The one thing about it is, it's hard to find so I'm glad I found your blog, (great reading btw!) and your tip on where to find it!

Thank you!

do pheromones work said...

I really wanted to try this kind of perfume because I was looking a perfume who will stay longer. Keep posting!