Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review: Serge Luten's Compact Foundation

Serge Lutens Compact Foundation$160.00
Refillable compact foundation provides a smooth and flawless finish for all seasons. Dry application only. Uses new Shiseido dispersion technology: an extremely light fine and light powder for excellent elasticity, extreme softness and light diffusion.

City Slicker Says:

This pretty much my holy grail of foundation. I love it. I am into a light coverage that evens me out and leaves my skin looking natural. I can describe it like Vincent Longo's Water Canvas - it's a water based foundation that feels cool to the touch and melts into the skin so the application is seamless. The finish is natural also. I got sucked into this line when hitting Barney's for one of the beauty events. I allowed the rep to apply and instantly was sold then asked the price. YIKES! I have been a faithful fan of the line since 2005. I am not faithful to this foundation though; I do use others too, but keep this in the arsenal. The nice thing is that the compact is refillable and the refills are $70.00. I find this has little to no scent and works well with my sensitive skin, it's so light that it's like a mineral foundation without the talc. This comes with a sponge applicator but I don't use it, I am a brush girl and this goes on just as well with a brush as it does with a sponge and the brush is easier to clean, in my opinion. The color match is dead on for me also. Enjoy!

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