Thursday, January 10, 2008

Review - L'Estee Deep Clean Detoxifying Oxygenation Mask

Cleansed the skin's impurities, improves skin's suppleness and elasticity, leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

When you read that a product is a "mask," you probably assume that the product is some sort of gel or clay or other spreadable something that you spread over your face and then rinse off. I know I usually do. Which makes this mask SO BIZARRE. It's a LITERAL mask. Made of fabric-y stuff that you actually unfold and put on your face. I realize that it might be hard to conjure up this image, so I took a picture:

I'm trying to look terrifying. I think it worked.

When you open the package, it's like removing a paper towel soaked in olive oil, which isn't fun. But it didn't rip when I unfolded it (Fear #1) and it wasn't too small - it was even a little too big - for my face (Fear #2). Once I put it on, it felt like one of those cooling gel eye packs you stick in the fridge, except all over my face. It was kind of nice, but I'm not sure what it could be accomplishing. That confusion continued when I removed the mask - my skin felt pretty soft, but I'm not sure what the mask actually did in terms of "deep cleaning" and "detoxifying." And at $48.00 for a pack of 6, these things aren't exactly a bargain. The only time I can imagine this being better than, say, a peel-off mask from a tube is in the heat of the summer - the cooling properties would be amazing!

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Amanda S. said...

i love love love love the picture! LOVE IT!