Thursday, January 31, 2008

Review: 100% Pure Fuji Apple Body Scrub

CitySlicker Says:

The scent, the scent, the scent! It's a light, crisp apple scent that isn't sickeningly sweet or candy-like. The scrub is light but effective. I can go to town on my legs and never get red or blotchy. The results are amazing. I find that the scrub leaves behind an almost waterproof barrier, locking in moisture. I can even see the water beading off of my stems when I rinse away. This scrub is based with grapeseed oil so that is what it leaves behind. The winter is very drying for me and on the days I use this, I don't have to follow up with a moisturizer. I am hydrated all day. Also, this is great to use before shaving, since it really helps get the hair standing up and ready to remove. There isn't much scent left on my skin once I rinse - the important thing is my body is smooth, soft and feels hydrated. YEAH! Fab product!

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