Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Review - Paul Mitchell The Rinse Lightweight Conditioner

  • Wheat-derived conditioners provide excellent wet and dry detangling with a soft silky feel
  • Essential amino acids and vegetable-derived conditioners provide hydration without added weight
  • Special conditioning agents help reduce static fly-away

  • Sometimes you're in a good hair phase when it seems like your 'do can do no wrong, it's not dry and covered in split ends, it's not greasy beyond repair, it's not a tangled crinkly over processed mess, it is just doing alright. That is when I would love to use this conditioner, it doesn't *add* anything that isn't required when you're hair is doing ok (and I'm lucky, my hair has been ok this week!) and it won't weigh you down or make you feel gunky when you don't need the extra moisturizer. My hair felt soft and silky after using this conditioner a few times and didn't end up heavy or overburdened with fragrance or added moisturizers. I would definitely recommend this for the fine haired folks out there that need conditioning but can't have the greasifying effects of heavy duty conditioners.

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