Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review - got2b playful Texturizing Cream Pomade

  • Detail.
  • Separate.
  • Shine.
  • Your style wizard! Use this amazing creamy pomade to take charge of your style.
  • Lift and loosen layers or bend and separate ends.
  • Style wild, make it messy and get that sexy, tousled look!
  • All that, plus weightless texture and shine.
  • Chunk it. Flip it. Shag it. Do you dare to play?
  • FatBoy does not engage in animal testing.
First: the craziest thing about this product is that it smells just like buttercream frosting. Like SERIOUSLY exactly like it. I wanted to eat it. (I didn't, though.) The next thing I noticed is that while it does a good job with the "shine" and "separate" parts, it's not so good on the "weightless" front. I felt like my hair got a little greasy where it's shorter (like 1"-1.5"), but it worked well on the longer bits (4"-5"). I'd recommend using it (just to smell it - CRAZYTOWN), but if you have medium-length hair that you want to add texture and shine to. For shorter styles, there are other products out there that can accomplish a lifted, loose look. $5.99 @

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