Monday, January 21, 2008

Review- Duwop Hands 2 Hair

Two great products in one, this super emollient hand cream doubles as the perfect styling cream for hair that needs a little frizz-ease.

One of the annoying things about putting in de-frizzing hair products is the stuff left on your hands after you rub it in, but not with this! This awesome combination hand cream and hair de-frizzer smells great, isn't tested on animals, and left my hair super soft and shiny with no frizz even on the most rain new york city day. I've used it now in warm and cold weather and for both types of flyaway problems (hot humidity and cold dry-ness) and it's worked really well to keep my hair from flying in every direction.

Just a teeny little dab in my hand was all I needed, smoothed through my dry hair (I suppose you can use it on wet hair also, but I find it works better on dry hair) didn't just get rid of my frizz, it actually gave me quite a bit of noticeable lift and texture. As a hand cream it's pretty standard, but pretty smelling and not greasy or slimy, and my hands feel soft. It's reasonably priced for the amount you get and how long it lasts (about $16 at Sephora) and works better than any of the other leave-in defrizzers I have tried as far as not looking greasy after a few hours.
$16.50 @ Sephora

Movie Maven says:
I was fully prepared to write off this product as a 2-in-1 fad that didn't live up to expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised when it worked just fine. It's nothing terribly revolutionary in terms of a hair styling product; there are others that do the same thing (lessen frizz and give shine) just as well or better. The genius of this product, however, is that it really is a nice lotion (that smells great), so you don't have to wash your hands after putting it in your hair. Just rub it in! It's not really the kind of product I would normally use (my hair isn't terribly frizzy), but for what it does, it works well, and if you keep it in your bag, you're prepared for both flyaway hair and dry hands! Hooray! $16.50 @

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