Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review - Bath and Body Works Freesia Shower Gel

Your favorite fragrances are back, and available online every day! With the Bath & Body Works Classics Collection, you can always find our all-time customer favorites, like Sheer Freesia. In this subtle fragrance, softly scented freesia blossoms radiate a sophisticated, very feminine essence.
  • Fragrant, everyday cleanser refreshes and conditions skin
  • Fragrance Top Notes: Plum, Grass Accord
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Baby Freesia Accord, Rose
  • Fragrance Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk
Let's be honest here: if you're reading this blog, you've probably used something, at some point, from Bath & Body Works. It's like the McDonald's of scented bath products - ubiquitous, predictable, and relatively cheap. The Sheer Freesia (why sheer?) scent is a clean, inoffensive floral scent, the kind of scent that usually garners a reaction of neither enthusiasm nor insult. This is not to sound negative about the noble freesia or its applications at Bath & Body Works. This scent is the perfect middle ground: there's nothing not to like about it, so everyone will sort of like it by default. My recommendation: buy this for someone like an acquaintance or a coworker if you're not sure of what sort of scent she likes. For yourself, though...find something more interesting. $4 (down from $9.50) online and in stores.

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