Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review - Fresh Eye Contour Duo

This soft, dual-ended pencil is formulated with kohl and vegetable pigments to ensure deep, rich color, and an easy, tug-proof application.

I bought this eyeliner while on vacation and felt like I was allowed to spend more than I usually do on makeup since I was in Sephora. Call it a vacation high, but I actually made a great decision. After trying it in the store, I decided that it was the BEST EYELINER IN THE WORLD and after having used it nearly daily for about a year, I'm convinced I was right. It comes as a "duo," which means you get half the amount of each color (I have Esterel Olive & Morel Noir), but it lasts so long and is so easy to apply that it's well worth the initial investment. I pretty much haven't used any other eyeliner for daily (or nightly) wear since. It goes on easily - almost as smoothly as the best liquid eyeliner - and stays on. I love it, I love it, I love it. $22 @

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