Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review- Aquafina Intensive Targeted Renewal and Restoration Treatment Lotion

This intensive treatment helps fight past damage in your most aging-prone zones. With our patented QuSome delivery system, this powerful formula works deep within the skin's surface to exfoliate and improve your skin's appearance, from the inside-out. This is not a temporary enhancer, but a long term replenishing formula that begins working immediately and provides noticeable improvements with regular use.

This is a very different moisturizer. To start with, it's very watery (no reference intended) and comes out of the tube more like a serum than a lotion. The directions sort of contradict themselves because it is supposed to be a targeted treatment for your most damaged areas, but they advise you to use it all over. I've been using this moisturizer for about two weeks now as an all over night lotion. It works pretty well, but not great. Take that with a grain of salt, as it is like the Sahara in my apartment & I feel like I should be slathered in oil at night. I think this would be a good moisturizer for summer for me, but it lacks enough punch for me for winter. But it does smell heavenly & I would recommend it to people with combination or slightly oily skin.

Amanda S. says:

I agree, I like the different watery texture and consistency of the lotion, but after a week of use, I haven't noticed much of a difference other than what I would get from a run of the mill moisturizer. That said, the stuff is pretty cool and as above, would be great in the summer when my skin wasn't so dry and in need of a seriously deep moisturizer over night to replenish what I lose during the rough hours of the daytime.

Cityslicker Says:

I was happy to try this line.. I like to drink Aquafina so why not apply it topically too?? Well, this is sold in a small tube like a travel-sized toothpaste with a tiny opening to apply like the others have mentioned it is more of a liquid serum so when opening don't squeeze the tube or it will go everywhere. I have used this all over my face as well as patting around my eyes. I am finding that I like to use this mostly as a supplement to my eye cream. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly. I do have to mention that this a a very strong perfumy scent; for me this is the one downfall. It's a fresh, clean perfumy scent. I find that is really helps in aiding my eye area, I apply this to my clean skin, morning and night. I do follow up with an eye cream in the AM. I think that alone, it works OK; with with another product supporting it, the serum really works well. I would totally rebuy this, it's affordable and a nice boost for me. If you are looking for a product to help aid in moist that doesn't break the bank, this could be it.

Movie Maven says:
I like this product a lot (not their water, though, oddly enough) and mostly agree with what the others have said: it smells nice without being overpowering, and it's sort of crazily liquid rather than lotiony. For me, this is a perfect amount of moisture, even in the winter, but I think I'm starting from a less dry place than some of the other ladies. Two manicured thumbs up!


Charlie D said...

I spend the winter down here in Florida and they no longer handle Aquafina Sparkling Carbonated Water at any of the stores in the Bradenton area. My wife won't drink any other type of water and is getting pretty hard to live with. Never mind the coupons just let me know who will sell me some. I talked to one of the Pepsi Drivers and he told me the no longer deliver it down here. I have tryed to get Sweet Bay and Albertsons to order some but to no Avail. Please Help Me!!!!!!!!! Charlie

Movie Maven said...

Charlie D, if we had the power to somehow get a store in Florida to carry Aquafina sparkling water, we certainly would do it. However, we are but a group of gals in NYC (and a few outlying areas) who don't have anything to do with the water supply down there. Good luck with your search!