Thursday, November 29, 2007

Review- Vinotherapie by Caudalie, Shampoo

A gentle, repairing, conditioning shampoo which leaves the hair shiny and revitalized. Rich in D-panthenol to restore radiance and energy to dry and fragile hair.
I was given this "Gentle Conditioning Shampoo" by Caudalie, in their Vinotherapie line, by a friend as a gift. My hair is so brittle from dyeing and straightening, processing and so on, that the slightest over-shampoo sends my hair over the edge. for the first time in quite a long time, my hair felt really clean without feeling totally stripped with my scalp feeling itchy and tight. My hair had body without being completely flyaway and dry all day, and didn't require super heavy conditioners to replace the moisture that is usually stripped out and torn away by regular shampoos. this shampoo is great for anyone with sensitive skin, it is dermatologist tested, doesn't cause break outs, contains no unnecessarily colorants, and really works amazing on dry, brittle hair that needs to be washed but doesn't need to be abused.

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