Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Review- DuWop Elixrstix Lip Gloss

In the perfect partnership of two cultural phenomena, DuWop has collaborated with e•lix•r Tonics & Teas to create Elixrstix, a beauty experience unlike any other. Blending the healthy elements of the e•lix•r tonic with the aesthetic beauty benefits of a gorgeous, non-sticky lip gloss, Elixrstix provides moisturizing coverage, giving a gorgeous glow of color while delighting the palate. Each tonic used in Elixrstix is synergized and formulated for a specific function.
Elixrstix come in 4 healthy hues
clarity - sheer nude
serenity - sheer melon
harmony - sheer berry
energy - sheer pink

This product is right up my alley. It's portable and easy to use and I can put it on on the subway without a glitch. Not only is it one of the least goopey lipglosses I've ever used, it comes with a brush tip so all you do is squeeze and apply. Mine is a color called "Serenity". It's a coral-y orange-ish color (orange for lips is the latest trend!). I'll definitely be keeping this in my on-the-go make-up bag.
$22 @ DuWop

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