Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review - Smashbox Bionic Mascara

BIONIC is the first ionic mascara for longer, stronger and more voluminous super-power lashes! $19.00
I found that with the first application of this mascara it is a jet black color which is blacker than most mascaras that I own. I don’t have to apply multiple coats to get the desired effect. One coat and I am done: my lashes are thicker, longer, deep and rich in color. The formula is thicker than most so be careful when applying as you may need to wipe a little away. The claim is this bionic mascara will make your lashes stronger but I can’t tell if my lashes are stronger. I can comment on the fact that I get little to no flaking and removing is very easy with an eye makeup remover. It is all gone and without any serious scrubbing – wipes away with a little more than gentle rubs. I do want to let you know that this mascara does offer that spidery wispy effect too, this makes my lashes thick at the root and spidery at the end. I like this look but I know a lot of people who don’t so I just wanted to throw that fact out there too.

Trish says: There are a number of reasons why I really like this Bionic Mascara by Smashbox. First, the color!!! I've been getting into all kinds of different hues lately and trying this mascara in Indigo Ink is the perfect midnight bluish shade for my current fix! Dark enough to make a dramatic impact, but not so black you're thrown into a dark abyss. In a way, the richness of the color softly brings out the brown-ness of my eyes and brightens the whiteness of my eyes at the same time too. Next, it is a nice, thick formula as mentioned above and I feel that I only need one coating and that does the job sufficiently enough! I have pretty thin lashes to begin with and found this formula to thicken with merely one coating without clumping and giving a pretty clean curl while I'm at. Since I'm not caking on too much, I feel my lashes are pretty and long and soft enough, without the scary mascara gone wrong look. And my favorite part of all, absolutely no flaking and drying and messy raccoon eyes at the end of the day! Just a clean curl in a pretty shade that suits my playful and offbeat mood these days!

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