Friday, September 4, 2009

Review- John Frieda Curl Around Conditioner

Developed for wavy, curly, frizz-prone hair. Reawakens, energizes and defines your natural curl patterns for soft, smooth curls with lasting curl definition. Specially developed with a curl-enhancing complex, hydrating conditioners and frizz-fighting silicone. Features a nourishing formula that locks in moisture for well-defined, salon-style spirals that resist frizz in any weather. Curls look silky-smooth and glossy from root to tip. Gentle enough for everyday use. Safe for color-treated hair. $5.99 for 10 fl. oz.

This conditioner smells vaguely like cotton candy. It's formulated for curly hair but I think that anyone could benefit from smelling like the best part of a carnival, you know? Anyway, it didn't do anything remarkable and I feel that way about the shampoo, too, but it is a steady and reliable conditioner that smoothes and softens as well as anything else. I have one small bone to pick with the write-up on the website though. It states that it resists frizz in any weather, and this is true in my experience even with the "weather works" products, but I haven't seen this promise manifest.

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