Friday, September 25, 2009

Review - John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo

sheer blonde® go blonder shampoo and conditioner gradually lighten your hair for a sun-kissed look all year, with daily use. This shampoo with a lightening complex and chamomile improves the healthy look and feel of your hair for shimmering sunlit blonde every day.

This shampoo is seriously wonderful, but then have you ever used anything less from John Frieda? I have only used one bottles worth of the shampoo and conditioner set, and I recently dyed my hair a bit darker, so I can't really tell how much is my hair actually getting lighter because of natural oxidation and how much is because of the effects of the duo. I must say that before I did dye my hair this combo definitely lightened my dirty blond roots into a bit lighter shade that looked a bit sun-bleached, although I wasn't really in the sun that much. Apart from that the shampoo lathers really well, cleans well, and begins the moisturizing process that the conditioner finishes nicely. All in all I would say one might need to spend a bit more time with this product to fully appreciate the lightening affects, but for a wonderful shampoo and conditioner set this is your pair!

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