Friday, September 18, 2009

Review- Three Custom Color Specialists Professional Concealer Palette

"Our versatile Creme Concealer formula can be used in isolated areas to conceal or all over the face as a foundation or face tint. Design the perfect shade for any skin tone and then use the lighter shades to highlight and darker shades to contour." 10 colors for $58

I love this palette! With it I can create the correct shade of concealer or foundation for almost anyone. When I first got this, I decided to do a little experiment. I wanted to see if this makeup would look as good at both the beginning and end of the evening on myself and my 70 year old mother. The application is a breeze. I used a foundation brush and I could paint on more where more coverage was needed and less... well you get the picture. I was struck by how little concealer was required to do a whole face. This stuff spreads like a dream. Looking at it in the palette you would think it had a thick dense consistency, but once you start using it you realize it is only dense in pigment. It feels weightless on and it didn't settle into any of my mother's wrinkles (she's 70, she knows she has wrinkles!). It gave a slightly dewier finish than I like, so I set it with powder. I'm pleased to report that both my mother and I still had full faces of makeup after an evening at the Atlantic City casinos. I was really impressed with the staying power of this multi-function cream. This is already a staple in my professional makeup kit. It takes half the guesswork out of applying foundation because for some reason, the shades are universally flattering. You can also buy the individual colors in compacts for $22.50 or in 3 shade trios (with larger amounts of color) for $67.50. The trio has individual refills available for $17.50. I recommend this palette to any professional makeup artist as it is an ultimately portable way to have hundreds of possible colors at your fingertips. Plus you save by having your concealer and foundation in one.

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